Monday, February 10, 2014

FREE Vampire eBook: Vampires Don't Cry: Blood Samples

We released a new FREE eBook; Vampires Don't Cry: Blood Samples.
We decided to consolidate out two free shorts into one book, so we threw them in a food processor.
We then threw in the first four chapters of some other vampire works, gave it a good shake, and then switched the power on.
Instant blood!
We called the new book; Vampires Don't Cry: Blood Samples.
It includes;
The whole of New Blood 1: Donny Kelp
The whole of New Blood 2: The Turning of Alan Rand
Segments/samples of Vampires Don't Cry: Original Sin, (The Valerie Lidowitz story)
The first Four Chapters of Vampire High School (Vampires Don't Cry: Book 1)
The first four chapters of A Connecticut Vampire in King Arthur's Court (Connecticut Vampire #1)
The book is available FREE in most eBook stores, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Sony, although Amazon sees to be slow in getting the FREE book message.... so you can pick up a FREE Kindle version at Smashwords;
(Click the book cover below to go to Smashwords for your FREE download.
We hope you like our writings, and become a reader of our vampire world.