Monday, February 4, 2013

Vampire High School New Covers

Vampire High School book series has its first anniversary.

A year since the launch of the very first Vampire High School novel, the series now has a full set of new, vibrant covers. Those of you who have followed the growth of the series will undoubtedly notice that there are four covers... yes, book four will be available shortly. April is putting the final touches to her parts and we'll have book 4 out very soon.

Blood Red Roses takes our intrepid duo (Lyman and Mandy) to California looking for a small vampire coven near San Diego. But, as usual, not is all as it seems, and they encounter new friends, enemies and allies in their struggle against the vampire horde.

To get four novels out in one year is a mighty feat, and we hope you'll keep reading, because we've already started the plans for book five. We've also a new website to showcase all our vampire works: