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Writing Your Own Vampire Novel... NO GLITTER! (To France and Romania!)

Writing Your Own Vampire Novel
(And a HUGE "hello" to our readers in France and Romania!!)

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Your World’s rules.
Every writer imposes rules over his writing style. Some write in the first or second person, some take differing perspectives on their narrator’s ability to either interfere or remain aloof from the story. You as a writer, whether you know it or not, have your own writing style. But the rules for your ‘World’ where your characters live are a different matter entirely.

When we write in the vampire genre, we have to consider our take on the myriad of already ‘accepted’ rules which typify the subject matter; the walking out in sunlight, the garlic, the neck-biting blood-taking, the sleeping in coffins, and so on. There are as many differing worlds as there are authors, and there are thousands of those.
In the book above, hopefully we take a look at them all.

Book 1... we currently have five in the series
In our vampire series, Vampires Don’t Cry, we decided to just tell the story, and let the reader catch onto the rules as we hit them. We decided against the ‘vampires can’t walk in sunlight thing as a bit silly. If Darwin’s laws of natural selection had been applied to the new, superior vampire sub-species, then anything with such an obvious disadvantage as a dislike of sunlight would have died out already.
Sleeping in a coffin had the same debilitating weakness, so as our vampire characters had no need to avoid daylight, then sleeping in coffins seemed redundant. For purely altruistic reasons we decided that ‘turnings’ could be done without sex, but better if coitus was involved somehow, I mean, we all need a bit of spice, right? And turning into bats? Well that just wasn’t scientifically possible, so we discarded it like a blackened banana into the trash can.

For a reader to enjoy the vampire genre, he or she has to suspend disbelief to a certain extent anyway, but we decided not to go too far. We didn’t want vampires to be known in the popular culture of their world, they’re not ‘accepted’ like those on True Blood, and they certainly can’t buy blood from vending machines or in a bar. We wanted our vampires to retain some secrecy, to have a dark mysterious side.

And we certainly didn’t want them to glitter/sparkle. Do you know that of the thousands of vampire fans I’ve spoken to, none of them like the sparkle thing.
NONE of them! NOT ONE!

So, we have a problem. With their super speed, super strength, and ability to have humans conform to their will, what stops them becoming rulers of the entire planet in our Vampires Don’t Cry series? Well, apart from the fact that if they did take over the world, they'd be systematically destroying their own food source, we did two things. We gave them a weakness, a hyper-activeness which they are incapable of avoiding when they gather in large groups, which makes them vulnerable to attack.
And we gave them an enemy, The Helsing Organization, hell bent on their destruction, but also researching an antidote for their condition.

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