Character Bios

Mandy Cross (forever 18) is a teenage vampire cheerleader from Everton High School, Arizona, turned by Alan McCartney in a brutal double murder of her parents. She has a ‘punk’ aura about her style, manner and clothes. Mandy is unconventional, gritty, streetwise-savvy and earthy, but despite her inner strength, sometimes her inner child comes to the surface, and she regrets her whole involvement in the vampire scene. Her libido is exceptionally high, she craves loving, perhaps showing a certain emotional vulnerability, but she will mate for a purpose, using sex as an investigative tool. She has little qualms in mating and throwing the husk away. Mandy has only one friend, Jackson Cole, a vampire gone ‘solo’, and his advice is thin, tainted by remorse, and difficult to swallow. Despite having been shown little vampire training by Alan McCartney, then beaten by her new vampire ‘parents’, Mandy takes to the lifestyle well, but soon realizes that if she does not get out of town, she’ll be discovered. Mandy tries her hand at ‘vampire solo’ in Mexico, but without the proper training her lifestyle soon fails, and she returns to the Everton area. Knowing that she is emotionally tied to Alan McCartney by a vampire bond she murders him in public, forcing him to leave the area. Books in? VDC1, VDC2, VDC3, VDC4.

Lyman Bracks (forever 18) is a teenager from Gregor Academy, Arizona. Initially he is ginger-haired geek, who has followed Alan McCartney like a puppy-dog, grateful for the high school friendship. After Alan’s death, he is discovered by Mary-Christine Muscat to be a natural ‘Helsing’; a vampire hunter/killer. Mary-Christine and her family are involved in the ‘Helsing’ organization known as Unicorps, who have a small office in Gregor. Lyman is slow to convince of his ‘special abilities’ but soon, besotted by Mary-Christine, he takes to his role with ease. They take up karate, and soon Lyman leaves the geek persona behind, finding his new purpose. Realizing Alan’s friendship has been a sham, he soon begins to investigate the remaining vampire cadre in Gregor Academy, and the pair soon form an efficient vampire killing duo. Books in? VDC1, VDC2, VDC3, VDC4.

Valerie Berthier (forever 21) is unique in vampire circles; torn from her mother’s womb as her mother is cruelly ‘turned’ in an alley in Florence, Italy in 1849, she was actually born a vampire. Exiled to an asylum as an infant, Valerie is watched by doctors for many years, first in Italy, then America, until she escapes at age 21. Valerie runs the country for a while, unable to come to terms with her condition when she is captured by Amos Blanche, who cruelly educates her. Valerie rises against him, becoming instrumental in his small gang, until she can stand the life no more, and escapes, turning against Amos, and the vampire hierarchy. She strives for revenge, and is taught new skills, invisibility, which she uses in revenge against Amos and his kind. With her partner Theresa ‘Finch’ Scholes, they are a force against the rise of the vampire. Valerie is 150 years old, smart, self-educated, and has been at the worst end of the vampire movement. She is the closest to vampire royalty; her mother was the granddaughter of one of Napoleon’s Marshalls. Books in? VDCAMC, VDC4.

Theresa ‘Finch’ Scholes (forever 19) is a vampire roughly turned by Amos Blanche’s group. Thin, elven, she looks very like Valerie in appearance and temperament. She escapes from Amos and is paired with Valerie in a new training regime. Resituated in Florida, she seeks revenge against Amos, the man who ‘ruined’ her life.
Mary-Christine Muscat is a teenage Helsing by blood. She recruits Lyman into the ranks of unicorps, but is injured badly in VDC3. She is the typical cute girl-next-door, but a ruthless proponent of the Helsing regime. Books in? VDC1, VDC2, VDC3, VDC4.

Alan McCartney (Alan Rand) (forever 18) is a vampire turned by Valerie for Amos. He is a very good looking boy and is recruited to bring pretty females into his growing cadre. But Alan has a cruel side that no one has seen but Amos himself, and when his gang is ruptured in 1960, he throws Alan to Angela to hide. Alan ‘breaks out’ a few times, forcing Angela to move constantly. When Alan is finally ‘killed’ in the first pages of VDC1, she takes the opportunity, and leaves him, ultimately working against him. Books in? VDC1, VDC2, VDC3, VDC, Turning of Alan Rand, VDC Erotic Adventures of Angela McCartney.

Angela McCartney (Elisa Ballantine) (forever 40) is a vampire turned by Amos’s group as a mother MILF character. She is trained by Valerie, and sent away as a nest egg for Alan McCartney. Alan comes to live with the vampire family, and soon runs riot through her small group. Using Alan’s death as an excuse to rid herself of her ‘son’ forever, she allies with another vampire group to take Alan’s group down, a real civil war. Books in? VDC1, VDC2, VDC3, VDC Erotic Adventures of Angela McCartney.

Jackson Cole (Donny Kelp) (forever 19) is a good looking young man who Amos turns in an attempt to influence a politician. When that goes awry, Jackson runs away to become vampire ‘solo’. He refuses to drink human blood, and turns to religion. He is morose, driven, with a huge chip on his shoulder. He dies saving Lyman at the end of VDC1. Books in? VDC Donny Kelp, VDC1.

Amos Blanche (forever 50-ish) is a goat herder from eastern Europe. He escapes persecution on a sailing ship, living in the rigging for many weeks. When he arrives in America, he has a thirst for power, but cannot make the gang he needs. Then he captures Valerie, and between them they begin a love/hate relationship, each needing the other to survive. Amos is a thin, weedy man, with a hawk-like nose. Books in? VDC2, VDCAMC, VDC Erotic Adventures of Angela McCartney.

Howard Weeks (forever 60 ) Born in Krakow, Poland, in 1836, left Poland at the 1846 uprising, and made passage to USA at age 11. He attended West Point in 1852, studying chemistry and artillery. At 60, he returned to Europe, finding himself in Hungary, falls in love with a vampire and is turned. He has short, greying hair, and looks like every 30’s film star, a Basil Rathbone kind of character. In WW1 he researched chemical weapons for the allies and met Warren Fleece. In 1918 he researched the flu virus, then settled down to form Unicorps, the first company to chemically research vampires. They seek to cure them eventually. Books in? VDC2, VDC3, VDC4.

Warren Fleece (Forever 50 ) Born in Kentucky,USA, in 1870. He is turned by Howard Weeks after a bad car crash at the end of WW1. I see him as a James Stewart character, mild, yet strong when he needs to be. He has been at Howard’s side ever since WW1. Books in? VDC2, VDC3, VDC4.

Ivan Vyhovsky (forever 30-40) the Lucescu family’s vizier and protector. He is forced from Kiev when Tomas goes missing, and is the thinking man’s vampire. He travels the world, keeping his condition to a minimum, then meets with the Celtic Clerics, who teach him the ways of the Calusari, a group of ancient Romanian vampire hunters. It is these arts he teaches to Valerie and Finch in VDC AMC. He tries for revenge against Tomas. Books in? VDCAMC.

Tomas Lucescu; (Forever 20) born near Kiev in 1679. In early days, he is an albino with flowing white hair, but this changes to baldness, and he is bald thereafter. He is forced into vampirism by Ivan, the family vizier, and does not take to the new condition well. He is soon found out by the next door tribe who hunt him down and wall him up for 300 years. He escapes, and makes his way to the New World, where Ivan, Valerie, Finch and Valerie’s mom combine to defeat him. He then turns up as an enigmatic college student in Arizona in VDC3, called “Bald Eagle”. A truly great bad guy. Books in? VDC3 VDCAMC.